Formed in 1998 as Bartlett & Leader-Picone, LLP, the firm combines expertise in creditors rights, collections and bankruptcy with a broad commercial litigation practice and real estate and employment advice. The firm became Bartlett, Leader-Picone & Young, LLP in January 2006 and Leader-Picone & Young, LLP in 2016, continuing all aspects of the firm's legal practice.

Nature of Practice

1. Commercial litigation in general;
2. Collections, consumer and commercial (Former partner Robert S. Bartlett personally handled more
than 10,000 collection and bankruptcy cases for creditors);
3. Replevin
4. Bankruptcy representation of creditors and limited number of debtors.
5. Employment advice to small businesses, including preparation of employee manuals,
and employment litigation
6. Real estate litigation and drafting and review of real estate documents;
7. Advice, preparation of forms, litigation and/or other issues associated with foreclosures, mobile homes, unlawful detainers, etc.
8. Regulatory advice to credit unions regarding forms, procedures, disability issues, seizure
of vehicles, lemon law, CUDL issues and loans, guarantor issues, consumer regulations;
9. Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act representation in specialized areas associated
with the produce industry.
10. Problems with vehicles from police seizures, storage and garage keeper liens; title problems, auto dealer bonds and problems; gray market vehicles; salvaged vehicles and numerous
other issues;
11. Bonding and subrogation issues as well as other problems with CUMIS and CUNA. Representation of CUMIS.
12. The attorneys at Leader-Picone & Young, LLP have been frequent lecturers on subjects of collections, enforcement of judgments, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

Clients Represented

• Over 50 credit unions represented
• Produce companies, law firms
• Numerous companies associated with computer industry and/or high tech
• Manufacturers over a wide spectrum of industries


Available upon request.


Various fee arrangements are available depending upon the nature of the work. The arrangements vary from the traditional straight hourly fee to some percentage arrangements.
In regard to Collections, a copy of standardized fees can be provided upon request.